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Why StoreSmart?

The StoreSmart suite offers the complete package, from store management to online bookings. All our software comes hosted, for your convenience. Forget local backups and Remote Desktop - join us in the cloud!

StoreSmart Suite
Rate Administrator - Do it like the airlines
Do it like the airlines

Rate Administrator

Automatically alters unit rates in response to changing demand, season and occupancy levels. Also helps to keep track of how you compare to your competitors and reminds you when it’s time for mystery shopping!

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Be proactive - not reactive


Manage sales leads from your website, call centre and stores using our interactive web dashboard. Make sure you stay connected, keep in touch automatically by email, SMS or social media

Customer Relations Management - Be proactive, not reactive
Store Operations - When the system adapts to you, not the other way around
When the system adapts to you, not the other way around

Store Operations

Brand new management software designed for multi-site operations which you can use anywhere; it works beautifully on any device

Know where you're headed, not where you are

Business Intelligence

Bring together data from all the different databases used by your company and gather insights that directly translate into sales and revenue

Business Intelligence - Know were you're headed, not where you are
Web Components - Don't spend money on re-inventing the wheel
Don't spend money on re-inventing the wheel

Web components

Ready-made web components to enable your site visitors to view available units, make a reservation or move-in, purchase retail items and manage their account

When you just need IT to work


Our server hosting is located in the heart of Amsterdam, one of the best connected cities in the world. Your data can be secured at two separate locations with full redundancy.

Server hosting - When you just need IT to work

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About us

StoreSmart is a brand-new suite of software tools for the Self Storage industry. The team behind StoreSmart are Self Storage specialists, coming from Sales, Operations and IT roles at major Self Storage companies across Europe. Each StoreSmart component is a powerful tool on its own. The entire StoreSmart system combines these components for maximum effect.

Across the StoreSmart team, you’ll benefit from over 55 years of practical Self-Storage experience.

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